Graduates, Archive Your Google Drives!

For Graduating Seniors, as you leave behind the hallowed halls of La Canada High School, you may want to take your data with you. Fortunately, Google makes it easy. Now, essays, notes, presentations, photos, important emails from colleges,--everything you've stored using Google Apps for Education can be transferred from your LCUSD issued accounts to your own personal devices. 

The LCUSD Technology department recommends that students complete this process sooner rather than later. Ideally, you should do this within a month after graduation to ensure that you do not lose anything important before your accounts are disabled. 

Before you begin the process, make sure you are using your own secure device. Do not download this content onto a public computer. If you plan to upload your data to another online space later, make sure to choose a secure, private space. 

Follow the steps below to download your data!

1. Go to Sign-in to your LCUSD account.

2. Click "Manage archives" at the top. Here, you can automatically select all items included in your account, or you can you use the check boxes to manually select and deselect the items you want. Using the grey drop down arrows, you can even select which individual files to keep within each category. Under Google Drive, you can also select the file formats for your different documents.

(Note: Google will convert the files to be supported by other programs. For example, Docs may become Word documents and Sheets may become Excel documents during the download. In the future, if you upload them to another Google Drive account, Google will convert them back to their original formats.)

3. When you are finished, click "Next" at the bottom.

4. Choose the appropriate file type, and choose "Send download link via email." It may take several minutes for the link to be sent to your email. You can close the window in the meantime, without losing your place. Once you receive the email, you have one week to download the data before the archive expires.

(Note: You must download the content to your computer first. You can upload it to another private space, such as a different Google Drive or One Drive, later. However, if you try to skip this step and share the content directly between two online storage accounts, you may lose all the content when your LCUSD account is disabled.) 



 5. Once you receive the email, open it and click "Download archive." You will be directed  back to 





6. Sign-in again to Google with your LCUSD information.

7. Choose the archive and click "Download." It will send the archive to your computer's Downloads folder. If your archive exceeds 2GB, it will be split into multiple files to be downloaded, and you will have to complete steps 9-10 for each one. 

8. Click "Done."

9. Look inside your computer's Downloads folder. Double click the Takeout file. When you do, it will open as a new folder. Double click the folder. 

10. Your files should appear. Now, you have access to them on your own device!