ASB Interview Questions for Elected Positions Now Available

All candidates who have submitted their applications for all elected positions will be interviewed by a panel this week.

They will all be asked the following questions:

Question 1: Tell me about what you think the ASB can do to have a successful school year.
Question 2: Who do you admire and why?
Question 3: When you have a job interview in the afternoon, a rally to attend that same evening, a big project for your English class due tomorrow, an important science test tomorrow, and a friend asks you visit because s/he is having a crisis, what would you do and why?
Question 4: Why you not anyone else?
The panel will interview the current 11th graders on Tuesday during lunch, current 10th graders on Wednesday during lunch, and current 9th graders on Thursday and Friday during lunch. All current 8th graders will be interviewed during 7/8 lunch and 7/8 STEP periods on Wednesday in Downstairs Conference Room and Thursday in Room 211.
All candidates are encouraged to check their official school email for more information.
Good luck, Spartans!

Dr. Glazer