Course Selection for Sophomores is Now Open

Course Selection for Sophomores is Now Open

Recently you learned about course registration in your English class and received the paperwork to begin choosing your classes for next year.

Please login to the Aeries Student Portal by February 19th to choose your classes. Please use and complete the paper Course Selection Contract that you received in your English class. Please also bring the signed Course Selection Contract and your completed Time Estimator Form to your one on one appointment next week. Remember to review the 2018-19 course catalog for prerequisites and course descriptions.

Once you login to the Aeries portal, the basic directions are to choose STUDENT INFO, then COURSE REQUESTS ENTRY. Click on view all subjects, choose a subject, then pick a class. Repeat until all courses are selected. For elective courses, please select an alternate choice both online and on the Course Selection Contract. Please ensure that your alternate choice is the same on paper as you selected online.

If you need help with your portal account, first try logging in with an incognito window or double check that you are using the right Google account and password. If you still need help, please email or stop by the Help Lab.

Mr. Lyons